Parks and Buildings

The Lost Woods Park Shelter and the Kirkpatrick Center in the Village Hall are rented on a first come, first served basis.

Reservations for the year begin January 1 for village residents and February 1 for non-residents.

No applicant may sublet any part of the building/park for which they have a permit. You must be 18 years of age or older to rent Village of Kohler facilities. You may call the Village Hall for availability but you must reserve and pay rental fee in person using the form below. No phone reservations accepted.

Download Rental Agreement

The park facilities are closed between 10pm-7am. They are available for rental April 1 – Oct 15.
The Kirkpatrick Center closing time is 1am. It is available year-round.

Lost Woods Park Park (available April 1 – Oct 15)

Shelter, kitchen, bathrooms.

  • Village Residents: $25 Security Deposit + $50 Rental Fee
  • Non-Residents (including businesses): $25 Security Deposit + $250 Rental Fee

Kirkpatrick Center in the Village Hall (available year-round)

Located in the Village Hall. Bathrooms, kitchen, seating. Maximum capacity 100 persons.

  • Village Residents: $25 Security Deposit + $50 Rental Fee
  • Non-Residents: $25 Security Deposit + $200 Rental Fee.

Rules and Regulations for Renting the Village Parks and Facilities

  1. No person shall destroy, mutilate, deface, injure or remove any fence, railing, bridge, building, sign, pipe, hydrant, walk, drive, curb or any fixed or movable property of any kind; nor shall injure, break, remove or mutilate any trees, shrubs, plants or flowers in any of the public parks or playgrounds.
  2. No person shall kill, maim or remove any bird, fish or animal in any public park except by authority of the chief of police.
  3. No person shall post or affix any placard, bill, notice or other paper upon any structure, fence or enclosure in any park or playground.
  4. No fire shall be built in any of the public parks except at places designated by the property committee.
  5. All refuse, paper or waste materials must be placed in receptacles provided therefore.
  6. No person shall at any time play football, baseball, archery or golf in any public park or on any playground except in and upon such area officially designated by the property committee.
  7. No loitering shall be permitted immediately adjacent to and within any public restroom.
  8. Use of sound amplifying equipment shall be limited to those areas designated by the property committee.
  9. No person shall use a park for any purpose other than that stated in the application. The right to use such area shall terminate forthwith if used for a purpose other than stated in the application.