2022 registration ended 3/22.

The Kohler Village Recreation Department sponsors a summer baseball program for children 8U-14U. Volunteer coaches run all practices and coach games.

Please note these important 2022 baseball dates:

• February 1: Online registration opens
• March 22: Online registration closes. Coordinator approval required after registration closes.
• TBD: Coaches meeting
• Mid/Late April–May: Practice begins for teams (weather permitting)
• Mid-June: Practice begins for teams

*Coaches will contact team members after the March Meeting

Volunteer Coaches

The success of the Kohler Recreation Department Baseball program depends on parents volunteering their time in support of their child’s baseball interest. If you would like to coach your child’s baseball team and are willing to abide by the recreation departments philosophy and policies, please sign up on the registration form.

If you are interested in being a volunteer coach, please contact:
John Willadsen


Please read carefully, as there are many changes this year!
If you do not live in the village, there is a $10 non-residency fee, even if you attend Kohler schools.

League/team descriptions

Please use your child’s current grade (2021/2022) school year.

8U Baseball – 1st & 2nd grade ($30 Resident/$40 Non-Resident)
• Part of the Sheboygan Falls Recreational League
• Practice begins June
• Games are at Sheboygan Falls area fields
• Practice/game schedules will be communicated through coaches
• Includes a t-shirt.

10U Baseball – 3rd & 4th grade ($90 Resident/$100 Non-Resident)
• Kettle Moraine baseball league
• Travel expected
• Jersey provided, additional fee for hat.

12U Baseball – 5th & 6th grade ($90 Resident/$100 Non-resident)
• Kettle Moraine Baseball League, additional fee for team uniform and hat
• Practice will begin late March and schedules of practice/games will be communicated through coaches.
• Games various area locations and significant travel is expected

14U Baseball – 7th & 8th grade ($90 Resident/$100 Non-Resident)
• Part of the Midshore Travel Baseball League, additional fee for team uniform and hat
• Practice will begin late March and schedules of practice/games will be communicated through coaches.
• Games various area locations and significant travel is expected

Important Information for Parents

1) Please note registration deadlines apply. Coordinator approval required after registration closes.

2) Please review the Kohler Recreation Department Minimum Play Standards and concussion education information below.

3) Once the game schedules are underway, no program refunds will be given.

4) Players may register and play at appropriate ability level. This means that a player can potentially play in an older age group at parent/coach discretion—as long as both parties are in agreement. However, due to league rules no players may play below grade level/U Level.

5) “Resident” players include any players who are currently living within the Village of Kohler, “Non-resident” players include any players from surrounding communities who choose to play with the Kohler Recreation Department Teams/Program.


Talk with your children and teens about concussion. Tell them to report their concussion symptoms to you and their coach right away. Some children and teens think concussions aren’t serious or worry that if they report a concussion they will lose their position on the team or look weak. Remind them that it’s better to miss one game than the whole season. Children and teens who continue to play while having concussion symptoms or who return to play too soon—while the brain is still healing— have a greater chance of getting another concussion. A repeat concussion that occurs while the brain is still healing from the first injury can be very serious and can affect a child or teen for a lifetime. It can even be fatal.

Download and read the CDC’s Concussion Fact Sheet with your child before practices begin. Coaches will supply waivers to be signed and returned before play.

Concussion Fact Sheet

Mandatory Play Rule

The Kohler Recreation Department is committed to providing fair playing time to all Kohler Recreation Department softball and baseball players.  The more time players are on the field, the better. Every player should have the opportunity to experience new challenges on the baseball and softball field, and parents are encouraged to work with their children and their children’s coaches about trying new positions, growing skill sets, and ensuring all players on the roster are having a fun, meaningful experience at their games.

To encourage participation, Kohler Recreation Department’s regulation assures all players get time on the field. It’s important for parents to understand the specifics of Mandatory Play for both the regular season and tournament play.

Regular & Tournament Season Play

At all levels of play, every rostered player present at the start of a game must participate in each game for a minimum of six defensive outs and bat at least once. Six defensive outs is defined as “a player enters the field in one of the nine defensive positions when his/her team is on defense and occupies that position while six outs are made.” Bat at least one time is defined as “a player enters the batter’s box with no count and completes that time at bat by being retired or by reaching base safely.”

If, within a game, a player does not meet those requirements, he/she will start the next scheduled game, play any previous requirement not completed in the prior game, as well as the requirement for the current game before being removed.

Only players officially enrolled through the Kohler Recreation Department may play on a Kohler team for all league and tournament play.

Note: The Kohler Recreation Department will pay for all league tournaments and all star game registration costs.  If a Kohler Recreation Department team/coach choses to participate in non-league sanctioned tournaments they may continue to use equipment provided by the Kohler Recreation Department that season – however, funding for all registration and expenses must be paid by team.  In addition, the players who are participating in these non-sanctioned league tournaments (utilizing Kohler Recreation Department equipment) must be exclusively players registered with the Kohler Recreation Department that season due to insurance and liability purposes.