Swimming Lessons


2022 Registration open April 1.

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Youth Swim Club info  |  Springboard Diving info

  • Cost:  Resident $25; Other $40
  • Lessons are for all youth; levels are based on ability, not age.
  • Three back-to-back progressive sessions, June-August.
  • Sessions are two weeks, Mondays-Thursdays, no Friday classes, except session 2.
  • All skill levels are offered in all sessions if there are students.
  • For safety reasons, class sizes are restricted to 8.
  • Please pre-register and pay online or at Village Hall before the first day.
  • No pro-rated fees or discounts for days your child does not attend.
  • For questions about registration or cancellations, call Cindi at Village Hall 459-3873.
  • Contact Claire with other questions at 459.2423 or email
  • If any of the criteria above do not meet your needs, or if you would prefer personalized lesson plans, you may be interested in private lessons. Available for children, teens and adults, any confidence level. The cost is $20 for 30 minutes. Click here to contact Claire to schedule private lessons.

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Session   Days Registration period
I. June 20-30 M/T/W/Th Registration April 1–June 16
II. July 5-14, *Class on Friday 7/8 instead of Monday 7/4 M/T/W/Th Registration June 30-July 3
III. July 18-28 M/T/W/Th Registration July 14-July 16


Levels are Based on Ability Class Times
Level Pre-School – Ages 3-5  
Students will learn to fully submerge face in water, retrieve submerged objects, roll from front to back, and work on assisted front and back glides.
Level 1 – Introduction to Water Skills 
This level offers swimmers the first opportunity to learn basic water adjustment skills. Students will learn to fully submerge for 5 seconds, supported front and back float, and supported kicking on front and back.
Level 2 – Fundamental Water Skills
This level develops the flutter kick, free floating, combined stroke on front and back and treading. Independent swimming is also encouraged.
Level 3a – Stroke Development
This level coordinates rhythmic breathing for front crawl stroke, butterfly kick and survival float.
Level 3b – More Strokes (must complete Level 3)
This level coordinates rhythmic breathing for front crawl stroke. Butterfly kick, survival float & starter dives are introduced. Build upon endurance.
Level 4 – Stroke Improvement
This level concentrates on endurance elementary back stroke and breast stroke kick. Also introduces butterfly and scissors kick. Standing dives are also introduced at this level.
Level 5 – Stroke Refinement 
This level refines the coordination and increases endurance of the front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, butterfly and breast stroke. The sidestroke will be introduced along with flip turns and surface dives.
Level 6 – Skill Proficiency
Review of all the major swim strokes. This level will prepare participants for more advanced courses including Water Safety Instructor, or other activities such as competitive swimming.


Youth Swim Club

Kohler’s Youth Swim Club is designed to teach the skills needed to become a successful competitive swimmer. Coaches work to improve swimmers’ endurance and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Focus on advancing skills in competitive strokes, endurance, starts and turns. Swimmers should be able to swim 100 yards continuously and have knowledge of competitive swim strokes including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Must have passed level 3 swimming lessons to participate. More info

Swimming lessons will be cancelled when there are thunderstorms with lightning in the area. Please check this website and like our Facebook page for cancellation notices.